9 Tips to Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent

Monday Apr 12th, 2021


1 Pick The Person , Not Necessarily The Experience

I firmly believe you should pick a real estate agent who works with you, and for you. Although experience is good to have, it's not necessarily the most important. Find an agent you can relate to and that is real! You are choosing for you! Pick someone you mesh with, that communicates well and is good at negotiating. Sometimes agents new to the business work harder than the seasoned agents, because they need to prove themselves.

2 Chemistry Is Key

Interview at least three real estate agents before you decide who you should work with. Look for someone local with neighbourhood expertise. Look for someone who markets the properties and not only themselves. Can you trust them, are they honest? Google them, check out their website and social media. We live in a time where we have so much information at our disposal.

3 Referrals Are A Big Compliment

As the world evolves, technology has become a huge part of the our day-to-day life, the right real estate agent still likes human touch and dealing face-to-face. The best compliment you can give a real estate agent is a referral. Ask your friends, family and fellow homeowners who they would recommend especially in the neighbourhood you are searching for a home, there are always local agents there.

4 Does Your Agent Have Your Best Interest At Heart?

Ask yourself is my real estate agent working for me? Transparency is key, if your real estate agent is not helping you find what you are in the market for, clearly they are not there to help, but to benefit themselves. Do not feel bad about finding someone who will work for you, agents get paid well for a job well done. Go with your gut feelings ask yourself is this the right man or woman for the job? Taking time to find a person you can respect and trust is important this is the biggest investment most people make in a lifetime. Find the right real estate agent who will hold your hands throughout the process.

5 Passion, Drive and Honesty

Take a look at the agents work, how do they market properties? Take a look at their listing brochures, signs and website. Personal appearance is just as important, as we all know first impressions are lasting impressions. Look for their passion, drive and honesty. You want your agent to tell you what it will take to sell your home fast and for the best price.

6 Support System

Does the real estate agent work on a team or with a team? What support would you have? As some real estate agents work on teams you may not be dealing with the person you actually hired. You don't want to be just another transaction, on the other hand, you could be working with with a team member who has your best interest to heart. Make sure if you are working with a team you have a go to person you are comfortable with and trust. You want someone who is proactive and wont miss things when working with you.

7 Strong Values And Work Ethics

Hire someone with strong values and work ethics who play by the rules and is honest in what you need. Don't let flattery fool you, look for agents with real time data analysis, market performance and a long term decision to buy or sell. Someone who calls you each week to fill you in on feedback and check on you. Honesty attracts Honesty!

8 Compassion

Buying or selling a home can be very stressful, especially if you are going through a divorce, having a baby , getting married or mourning a loved one etc. What you need is a real estate agent who is patient with you and your current circumstances. Find a real estate agent who has a similar personality , emotions and outlook on life as you do.

9 Transparency And Communication

Find clear lines of communication, make sure you feel comfortable talking and communicating with your real estate agent. If it feels strange for any reason and there is any undue pressure, clearly this real estate agent is not the right fit for you. Just because you know someone who has a friend who knows a real estate agent does not mean you have to work with them. Do your due diligence its worth it in the long run.

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